Cleaning the fan

John Locke/ February 16, 2022/ Business

Although some houses may be equipped with air conditioning But it would be impossible. to be open all day and night all the time

Therefore, it is still necessary to rely on the cold from this type of electrical appliances

But all electrical appliances in the house when used for a long timeIt is necessary to be maintained and cleaned so that it can still function normally. not a reservoir of germs and prolong the service life of electrical appliances to last longer

So we will know how to clean the fan. That’s right and safe.

How to clean the fan

  1. First of all, remember to unplug the fan. Before cleaning every time
  2. Almost all brands of fans There will be a similar removal method, not much different. Start by removing the fan grille. release the lock Most are located at the bottom of the sieve.
  3. Rotate and remove the fan bracket. by rotating from left to right then take out the propeller
  4. You will see another bracket on the back. which is attached to the mask behind the fan to rotate from right to left and then pull out the rear grille.
  5. Take a feather duster, dust the fan blades, front and back masks. All parts are removed from the fasteners. Then take a cloth dampened with clean water. Or may be mixed with disinfectants. Wipe clean thoroughly. or use water to spray out the dust then rub with a sponge until all the dust stains can be removed
  6. Applying general engine oil Place the fan motor shaft area.
  7. Wipe the unit of the fan completely.
  8. Take a clean dry cloth. Come and wipe all the equipment. to dry completely or use the sun exposure method You can wait until it dries well.
  9. When all parts are completely dry Remove the mask behind the bracket. put it back in
  10. Take out the impeller and the propeller holder. put back in Turn it until it snaps into place. Be careful not to loose And don’t forget to turn off the lock below. to return to the original place as well

That’s it, you’ll get a clean fan back to blow cooling. Freshen up the people in the house again. in less than 15 minutes

and should keep the fan clean At least once a month is good. to avoid dust into the grip on the propeller and the machine is too much become a dust collector instead of a cooling fan

*** Caution

  1. Remember to unplug the power cord. before starting to clean
  2. All parts of the fan must be dry only. therefore gradually brought back into the original place
  3. Various parts must be firmly assembled Absolutely do not let loose.

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