The top 6 sticker designs we’ve seen in 2021

John Locke/ December 21, 2021/ Business

As 2021 is drawing to a close, we would like to do an appreciation post to highlight the most beautiful stickers we’ve seen this year.

The designs shown in this exclusive list come from various sources and include some of the best sticker printing we’ve ever seen. The stickers are on different materials such as fluorescent, holographic, glitter, transparent, and more.

Here they are! Enjoy.

Posh Cock Vermouth label

This has got to be one of the best labels we’ve seen ever!

The design works perfectly on the gold material and just looks so premium and really lifts the whole product.

Holographic tiger

This legendary holographic tiger is an all-time favourite and always gets a great reception.

It’s just perfect! As a sticker to decorate your laptop, phone, or something else, it just works.

And as the light hits the holographic material and roof racks in different colours, it just looks sublime. We love it!

Work hard, dream big!

This is another excellent sticker. Put it on your laptop, and it’s such a perfect daily reminder to get you started in the morning.

The mirror silver background makes it look super-premium and would sit perfectly on your Apple MacBook.

Fluorescent monkey

Aren’t these just the brightest stickers around!

The fluorescent yellow really pops and makes this sticker super eye-catching. We also love the rounded corner, rectangle shape that is simple but really effective with this design.

Holographic Pillman

Without being in danger of going over the top with the holographic material, we thought these should definitely make it onto the list.

The rainbow effect material is really something else. It just makes this vinyl sticker design look so cool, and this is no exception.

Glittery rhinos

I bet you never expected to read those two words in a sentence. Glitter and rhinos shouldn’t go together, they shouldn’t work, but they do!

When it catches the different lights, the glitter material really sparkles and gives another element to any sticker design, especially this simple white rhino.


And there we have it, six incredible designs that we’ve seen in 2021.

There are, of course, many, many more we could’ve included, but there are too many to choose from, including many different personalised stickers we’ve seen throughout the year.

Please comment below telling us which of these is your favourite. Thanks for reading.

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